Thursday, April 3, 2014

TCT- Full Figured Fantasies

It is a return t form today. I managed to get a solid Thick Thursday posting up featuring some returning favorites and some soon to be new faves as well. So let's quite this jabbering on and get right to it. The sky is clear, the sun is shining and i have a few free moments to breathe.

Happy Thick Thursday everyone.

Really enjoying the boom of Ninja Turtles art I am working on. I had forgotten how fun they were to draw. This set is a variation on a theme mostly.

Of course, I try to play fair when it comes to showing off curves. Here is another set.


Nothing quite like Plus Size Princesses right?
Love how these ladies came out.

I am very happy with how this plus sized pixie came out. The newest addition to the Dinsey Fairy collection, the Pirate Fairy, Zarina. I figured it was fitting to add some curvage to here since she is voiced by Christina Hendricks.

So there you have it. A packed, stacked and busting editing of Thick Thursday. 
Hope you all enjoy it.

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