Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hump Day - Rabbit Rabbit Edition

So i teased you all earlier today with a new post featuring lots of big new art. I am here to deliver on that promise. I will tell you how this post came to be as well.

I was awoken this morning around 7:30am to the sound of my soon to be 5yr old niece screaming that she wanted to wear a dress. Worst alarm clock ever. A friend of mine said i should take that clock back to Wal-Mart for a return. Haha. There are times.... anyway. Yeah I woke up and got my day going thinking about what to post. Today being August 1st, and that old saying that at the beginning of each month you should say 'Rabbit, Rabbit" first thing for good luck, came into my mind. I went from that to thinking of Jessica Rabbit and how some fans told me I should do some plumped up versions of her. I had two of her in my portfolio for Fanfest (yes another Fanfest mention) that got a lot of attention. So i figured I should.

Here ya go.


Firstly, someone mentioned that they liked my XL Ariel but wished they could see her stomach. Well buddy, there ya go.

Secondly, since I was going with the Jessica Rabbit route i figured I would give some time to her blonde counterpart from "Cool World". She's got nothing on Ms Rabbit but still sexy.

Lastly, here she is in all her gorgeous ginger glory.
She's married to Roger Rabbit.

happy Hump Day everyone

...Dear lord what am I gonna post for TCT?

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