Thursday, August 18, 2011

Well slap me two times. TCT.

Hello hello hellloooooo. I totally did not realize that i havent posted since last week. Been pretty busy since then too. Lots of things getting shaken up. In good ways and bad ways. Yet here I stand, or sit, before you with your weekly dose of luscious ladies rendered as only I can. Had some fun doing these. Been a long time coming for some of these. Please to enjoy, Thick Chick Thursday.

These first two were a long time coming. Done for a friend and wicked hot and up and coming adult BBW starlet, Lovely Silk. She is usually partying it up down in BBW clubs in Florida. Hope you like them honey. Check her out on facebook and twitter.

Was having some fun with the summer movie theme we started on another site so heres my take on Bellatrix Lestrange. Seems someone has cast an engorgio spell on her. (Im guessing thats a real spell and thats how its spelt)

This one was done for a twitter follower, Ms BBWCajun. She did a set as Wonder Woman and wanted my take on her. Here it is. Hope to do more with it soon.

This last one, well I'm just really happy to share it with you. I did a lot right and I had fun doing this one. You can expect other variations to come soon. I believe someone wants to ride a pink floaty soon ;)

Hope you enjoyed 'em all. More to come and check me out all over.

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