Friday, February 14, 2014

First Comes Love Friday

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Wether you celebrate with your significant other, family or by yourself, make it a day worth showing a little love. As with all holidays, all that matters is that have a good time and be kind and respectful as best you can. 

Things are a little different this year for the holiday here. Last year I did share it with someone, this year, well, I am sitting here in my underwear getting ready to post new artwork. I have no issues being single, as it turns out for most of the past few months it has been much easier dealing with my problems and the family issues as someone that is single. Recovering from my surgery in October, the hectic holidays in the winter and fall and now helping even more with my niece, nephew and newly injured father. I have enough weighing down my sizeable shoulders as is.

So to alleviate some of that doom and gloomy and make all of us feel a little more warm and squishy inside, I offer my Valentine's gifts to you all. Hope you enjoy them.

Showing some sisterly love.

Finally because it is a day to show off love. Here is a recent commission I did for a very beautiful couple. I had the good fortune of meeting the bride in person recently and she is beyond nice and sweet. She also has some killer dance moves. He is a lucky lucky man.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.