Thursday, December 15, 2011

And now the end is near. Part 1

No, no. Dont worry. it's not the end of the blog. Just the end of year. I can't believe its almost time to start new calendar. Its been a long and interesting year, to say the least. I've had all kinds of thoughts going through my head, nothing new there, and trying to see how I should celebrate it. At least celebrate it on here. i hope that the little plans I am getting together will pan out and i will get to ring in he new year with a lot fun sexy and cool people. We shall see.

So the real question was how should i celebrate it on here. With being open for a little over a year Ive never done a big to do. There have been little bits here and there. I've acknowledged holidays as best I can. So With all that has gone on this year I thought it might be cool to go back and look at some of the works and how i grew and progressed as an artist. It really took a while to scan through all my works. i didnt realize how many sketches and drawings I did and how they did get better. I can say that with confidence because, they did get better. Some a lot better.

So what i will do, as best I can, is post the works as they came out during the year. Going from January all the way to recently. I'll try to add a little info about each one if its appropriate as well. So come along as I recap 'The Year in Biggins"

So here we have on of the first color pieces I did. Not one of the better ones but I figured its a good way to start the post. Gotta grab the audience right off right?

These two were done for a friend and BigCutie Model. Megalicious. She was very sweet and nice enough to let me draw her and game me more than a few shoutouts to my work and this page. Thanks Meg.

Done for another friend, Candi. 

Playing around with color again. I took a pic of the tiny skinny actresss, Emmy Rossum and added some pounds to her. Another one of those pieces that I really liked and didn't get much attention. hope you like it now.

Used Coco Austin as a reference. She really does some great poses and adds a lot to sketchbook.

Decided to try another way of coloring using just straight flats. It worked better on some works than others. This is one of them. I also used the pic I used as reference for the background so there is some Photoshop practice there too.

Happy Easter. Playing with flats again.

One of the first really big and involved pieces i did this year. For Saint Patrick's Day. Gotta love them redheads.

Done for another BigCutie Model friend. Ms KitKat. One of the sweetest and nicest women I've met. She's a great dancer as well.

You can probably tell who these two are right? If not then I really failed. These are actually the retooled versions. After doing one take on each and scanning them I realized that each one had the same problem. Seems one breast was bigger than the other and was throwing the whole perspective off. Ohhh the little things we notice right?

Just a really sexy sketch that I like sharing.

Had to show some love to the strong sexy black bbw's that I admire as well. This is early on. i love the pose. The afro was part of the reference I swear.

Valentines Day. This is one of the first pieces I this year that I was really proud of. I think she is jsut so sexy and fun. I took a think Victoria's Secret model again and plumped her up. I think it works.

So there is part one. It goes pretty much from late January to late March. Not everything I did but the noteworthy and works that I really like. I am thinking that the countdown will continue next week on Thursday. At least the BBW side of things. i realized that the sports side of my art was a huge part of the year as well. That will get its own special post. 

Happy Thick Chick Thursday.

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