Friday, December 30, 2011

And now the end is near. Part 5. The End.

So, here we are just a little more then 24 hours until the new year is upon us. Strange how fast the year and month went right? Its always said that when you get older the faster the times goes by. While I am not that old I have certainly felt that time is getting harder and harder to hang on to and make the most of. I've lost too many hours doing stupid things, or dealing with unwanted drama this year and I kinda hope that it stops or at least stalls for a while.

I'm not asking for much next year. Just a steady job, some good income and some peace and happiness for those around me. Like I said not much. Its been a long tiring year. I am hoping to end it having fun with good people. Time goes ever forward and so shall we.

With that here is the last (i swear) look back at the notable pieces I have done this year. Thank you all for supporting me and helping me carry on. Happy New Year Everyone!

Late this year I got to work on a big project. The BBW group that I have been a part of for the last four years finally asked me to do some art for one of their dances. The Halloween Bash is always one of the marquee events of the year and to help promote it those in charge asked me to create an image that they would use to promote it on the site. So here is a little taste of it. Being the only male figure in the final piece Frank stood out as one my favorite parts.

These two were another little Halloween project that I came up with for myself. I took some the most iconic horror movie villains and plumped 'em up and changed their genders. I really dug these two "Freddies" that I did. 

Getting back into the genre work i was doing. Another "Ghostbusters" piece. This one is a monster too. I still have yet to ink it and get a good full scan of it. So this is the best I got so far. I really liked it. I've never drawn the Terror Dogs before so that was the big allure of it. My take on Gozer is a little different this time around as well. She is definitely all grown up.

Here it is. I waited a while to post the finished product until they did on the dance site. They ended up taking the image and putting it on a different background. That was fine and all but I kinda liked the one i came up with. Sets everything off nicely i thought. So there ya get the full Frank, his Bride and one sexy Witch.

Another Horror Hottie. This one is 'Leatherface". Never drawn that character before either. First time for everything right? The others I did didnt really live up to the "Freddie" and "Leather" girls so those two are my favorites.

Working on a project as big as the Heavenly Bodies Halloween Bash poster, you need a lot of ideas so that the promoter can see what you are capable of doing. This is one of the many smaller ideas I had for the poster. I really liked. This is the real Bride and her main man. I couldnt make the hair work on anyone else in the final work for some reason. So cheers to these two.

Again going with the dressing up idea. I had a few stand out pieces earlier this year with Jessica Rabbit, featured earlier in the recaps. So i figured I would have some fun and see what her and her main hare would be doing for the holiday. Seemed a nobrainer to get Ms Rabbit in another skintight outfit. Of course Roger trying his best to be his wife's hero would done the cape and cowl. 
So i give you the D-D-D-Dark Knight.

Another smaller piece done for the HB Halloween Bash. The origin of the witch is right here. Sexy. really dont have much to add to this one.

Sofia Rose. Professional hottie. Done as best I could.

Not sure who I used as a model for this one but I really liked it. i think that it shows off weight and sexiness very well. Always love when a girls got something to hold on to .

This one i featured a few weeks ago. Had a big posting about it so of course they would make the cut. Worked the 'Tangled" villains up some more and made em a little more badass. i suck at inking so hopefully that will change in the new year as well.

I did this the night before Thanksgiving after toiling away with failed idea after failed idea for what to do for the holiday. I have always loved Thanksgiving. Historical accuracy be damned.

These three lovely ladies all helped usher in the holiday season. On my sketch pad and blog at least. Santa's got some sexy new helpers this year. Hope he didnt get too distracted under that mistletoe. I think a good looking Mrs Claus ends this page too.

So another of my big personal projects was the "Scorpio Goddesses" I came up with. I hope to do more with them soon. I got the suggestion of doing a whole Zodiac theme giving all the signs my own special touch. I could do it for sure.

As for these ladies. I looked at what the Egyptians believed about the Scorpio sign and ran with it. Of course it is all power, confidence, attraction and intensity that drive that sign. I have myself realizing more and more just how accurate the description is of myself. I really liked how these girls came out too. from drawing to colors. They look just how I wanted.

Ending on a high note here. This is one of the most recent pictures i finished and probably the last one I colored this year. Working off of another stunning picture of Sofia Rose i made her one hot Mrs Claus. Its not perfect but i was really glad how the colors came out on this one too. Finally got some different effects to it that i have been working on. I really cant say much more about this one. Got one comment on another site that this picture made someone horny. Really, I can't top that.

So that's it. The end has finally come. Thanks again for all your support and comments. Looking forward to sharing more with you in the new year. Finally getting handle on this blogging thing.

Happy New Year.

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