Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hump Day Special

Happy Hump Day everyone.

How is your week going? Mine has been going pretty good. Work was quiet all last week and most of this week. The crew is back at the warehouse so it's time to look busy again. Happy tomorrow is thursday, one day closer to the weekend. Really looking forward to this weekend too. Instead of making plans as I go along I actually have a set weekend. Not sure if I mentioned it, but this friday is my birthday. I hate promoting it, I feel like an asshole doing it, but in reality not many people know when someone is having a birthday anyway. So I got a little celebration going this weekend. ;)

On the exciting business side, I've got something special for ya. Remember when I said a coupe weeks ago Ms Kiki Kaboose asked me to do some art for her new website?? Yeah its done and here it is.

So those are the two that we liked best cleaned up a bit. However we chose one for full color.

While these two look the same there is one tiny difference. The eye color. She has gorgeous green eyes instead of clue. Nothing like a good variant right?

And here is a little something I just tooled around with.

So please go check out her site when its gets finished and check her on out cam too.
She is awesome, hot and naughty.

Happy Hump Day.

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